The YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) is the one of the leading lasers for tattoo removal. With all of the improvements in technology unwanted tattoos can become a thing of the past. Lasers are the best way to go when it comes to tattoo removal because of their great results removing the ink pigments from the skin without forming a scar.

How does it work?

The tattoo is broken down by using the YAG laser to target the pigment in the skin allowing the bodies natural defense mechanisms, over a period of treatments to dissolve the particles. The pigments are broken down into tiny particles beneath the skins surface by a pulse created by the laser. The laser works by using a short, very powerful color controlled light pulse that is absorbed by the color and not the skin surrounding it.

Does it Hurt?

No part of a tattoo is going to be painless – application or removal are both uncomfortable. Most patients say that it is more tolerable then actually getting the tattoo and associate the pain with a rubber band snap.

How many treatments will it take?

It is difficult to give an exact number of treatments that will be needed because of the variety of inks and techniques used by different tattooists. We customize procedures for each client depending on their tattoo.  If you would like more information on your tattoo removal please fell free to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our specialists.