Isogei is a Faradic treatment in principal. A method that has been in use by physiotherapists almost since Michael Faraday first proved the theory that the muscles are moved by an electrical impulse from the brain.

Isogei created over 30 years ago, was the result of electronic engineers, doctors and beauty therapists at the institute of medicine in Turin.

Only Isogei can exercise individual muscles perfectly thus restoring muscular fibre, gently lifting and rejuvenating the skin, helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
You will see the results immediately, however for long lasting effects a course of 10 is recommended followed by a single monthly maintenance treatment.





Frequently Asked Questions about Isogei

The Isogei is more than just a non-surgical face-lift. It is a unique sculpturing programme that will provide you with the most perfected non-surgical face-lift ever. What’s more, the Isogei will LIFT, DEFINE and RESHAPE not only the face but also the breasts, bottom and stomach.

Q. How does it work?

It works by using what is known as isometric contractions on the muscles. This means that tension is applied to the muscle without changing its length, and so this effectively increases its strength and elasticity. Each Isogei treatment increases muscular strength by about 5% – even after just 1 session.

Q. Where can it be used?

The Isogei treatment is most frequently used on the face and neck, but it is also a popular treatment for strengthening breast muscles, lifting bottom muscles, tightening that inner leg wobble and redefining arm, pectoral and stomach muscles.

Q. What else can it be used for?

The Isogei has been used in a pre and post-operative capacity. Prior to surgery or threading, it will strengthen and redefine the muscles, creating a more elastic and resilient muscle fibre to work with. After surgery, the Isogei can further refine the result and also actively assist with maintaining any lifting procedure.

The Isogei has also been used for facial palsy to improve the overall physical effects, symmetry and appearance of the individual.

Isometric movement is resistant exercise, so it would be useful to use the Isogei in any capacity that requires rehabilitation of the muscle.

How is this specific exercise on the muscles different to micro-current?
Well to put it simply, a micro-current treatment is like taking your face to the gym, whereas an Isogei programme is like seeing a personal trainer – specific muscles are worked on intensively to create shape, lift and definition.

On a more technical level, micro-currents are very good at achieving drainage, oxygenation, increasing cellular activity as well as toning and improving the skin’s elasticity. There is a more youthful glow, as the skin appears luminous and a visible ‘lifted effect’ is achieved, however it is not a specific muscular strengthening treatment.

The Isogei, on the other hand uses what is called a faradic current. Faradic currents work directly on the muscles and the Isogei is programmed to apply tension to the muscle in a particular way that increases strength, elasticity and tone. This is why the Isogei provides superior results and a long lasting effect.

Q. How many Isogei sessions will I need in a treatment programme?

This depends on your muscles strength. Usually 10 sessions are required, less if you are younger or more if your muscles are very sag, 3 times a week whilst on an Isogei programme. This will provide a visible difference that will last for at least 1 month. Monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.

Q. Could the Isogei be called a non-invasive sculpturing treatment?

Yes absolutely. The Isogie is an amazing ‘stand alone’ treatment that can also be used in conjunction with a micro-current non-surgical face-lift to provide the most effective and perfected LIFTING technique without sedation!
Q. What type of difference would I see from the Isogei sculpturing treatment?
Quite often a subtle difference can be seen even after 1 treatment. The first difference you will notice is that your face will feel firmer, and it won’t move around as much. Other benefits you can look forward to include:
Redefinition of the jaw line
Tightening of the neck muscles
Improvement of the ‘double chin’ or ‘goose neck’
Redefinition of the cheekbones
Tightening of the eye muscles
Improvement of the bags under eyes
A higher, lifted eyebrow
Improvement of the skin tone
An overall improvement and a more youthful looking face


Micro-stimulation uses electric impulses at low frequency and low intensity to affect blood circulation, improve activity of the fibroblasts, drain and purify skin surface and visible tissues, giving back tonicity to the slacked myofibrils. Delicate skin stimulation, using exclusively designed electrodes, employs specific sequence of procedures in order to obtain a revitalizing, stimulating and toning effect. Pleasant and relaxing treatments bring feeling of psychophysical well-being. Personalizing the treatment is a strong point in satisfying all expectations and guaranteeing quick and long-lasting results.
Microgei provides facial anti-age beauty treatments for:

• Regeneration and firming of the surface epithelial tissues
• Visible elimination of wrinkles
• Improvement of skin aesthetical appearance
• Regenerate, stimulate and tone the skin of the face.
• Toning and firming action to the surface woven and prevention to premature aging and wrinkles.
• Improve the hydration of the skin.

People all around the world have been using the Isogei and Microgei with fantastic results. They do work – now they are available right at Skin Aesthetics & Medical Centre.

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